Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Perfect Dating Manual For New Couples

No cakes for this round,but i would like to share with you here ''the perfect dating manual for new couples''regardless if you are on your first date a not,this also helps you to find a right place for both with good ambiance.

1)Do not dress sexily and make up heavily when going for a date.

2)Do not show your dislike if he /she not what you expected. Do not let him / her knows you are only concerned of person's look.

3)Get to know the person, ''eye contact'' is also important.

4)The best way to start to ''smile''.

The main key point for perfect dating's ''expect nothing, explore everything''with open mind regardless if he/her is Mr.Right. Enjoy the moment, expect the unexpected.

Remarks: Log on to to find out more, happy dating and good luck.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who come on my blog.
Hope everyone got healthy,happy and enjoyed it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


这一回不写蛋糕,而是和大家分享男女Dating的完美手册. 不管是不是first date, 既然是约会就要找一个有情调又好气氛,能满足两人的和视觉要求地方.

1)参加约会, 当然要细心打扮一番. 但不要扮得过火, 淡妆最得体. 衣着不要太性感, 这样就可以展示个人的品味哦!

2)到了约会地点, 看到和你Dating的对象不是你渴望的Mr Right, 请不要露出不耐烦的脸相. 这是没礼貌的表现, 别让对方误会你是个注重外表的肤浅女子.

3)好好地和对方沟通, 分享兴趣和对事物的看法.Eye Contact很重要, 眼神的交流是对他人最基本的尊重. 千万不要乱放电哦!

4)微笑很重要, 微笑不但是最好的沟通语言, 同时也是最好的开场白. (微笑让人看起来更美丽).

完美约会的关健在于''Expect Nothing, Explore Everything''以平常心去约会, 不管对方是不是你的''Mr Right''请享受过程, 会让你得到许多意想不到的收获.

注**第一次见面的男女刚开始时, 若不知该聊些什么, 不妨Login

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