Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Perfect Dating Manual For New Couples

No cakes for this round,but i would like to share with you here ''the perfect dating manual for new couples''regardless if you are on your first date a not,this also helps you to find a right place for both with good ambiance.

1)Do not dress sexily and make up heavily when going for a date.

2)Do not show your dislike if he /she not what you expected. Do not let him / her knows you are only concerned of person's look.

3)Get to know the person, ''eye contact'' is also important.

4)The best way to start to ''smile''.

The main key point for perfect dating's ''expect nothing, explore everything''with open mind regardless if he/her is Mr.Right. Enjoy the moment, expect the unexpected.

Remarks: Log on to to find out more, happy dating and good luck.


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