Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~~ With Love @ Moist Chocolate Cake~~

The Best And The Most Beautiful things in the World cannot Be Seen or Even Touched.

They Must Be felt within the * HEART*.

Except Hommycakes ! Hurry up Mother's day is coming, come and get some order for your love one.

在这世界里最好和最美丽的事物是看不见, 也摸不着.


除了Hommycakes不止看得见, 摸得着, 而且还品尝得到. 父母亲节快到了, 在这温馨的佳节里送一份又意义的礼物给你最敬爱的父母亲. 给于他们感受得到你的心意满满.


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~~ Followers 谢谢你们跟着我走 烘焙旅途 ~~