Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~~濃濃暖意之 Oreo Cheese Cake~~

这份蛋糕没有特别的造型, 但在味道和 囗感你会发觉其中的奥妙.=)


嘉甜 said...


嘉甜 said...
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oreo biscuit 200g, (中间的馅不要,crushed ) butter 80-100g melted than mix with oreo biscuit put into cake ring, than bring to refrigeration 2 hrs.
B:, cream cheese 300g, castar sugar 60g, egg yolk 1nos, egg white 1 nos, dairy whipping 180g, non dairy fresh cream 100g, oreo biscuit 6 pcs, gelatin 1 tbsp, hot water 3 tbsp.
1) beat cream cheese and sugar until fluffy than add in egg yolk mix well,
2) gelatin add hot water than double boil until dissolved than add in to (1)
3) lightly whipped the dairy cream,
4) whisk egg white until soft peak,
5) whisk non dairy fresh cream until soft peak,
6) finally, 5 add in 4 than add in 3, than fold in 2, said...

7)pour the filling into the prepared crust,Sprinkle with 6 pcs oreo biscuit chopped, and refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.


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