Monday, July 20, 2009

~~Recipe of Moist Chocolate Cake~~


SCS Butter 250g, castar sugar 250g, B size egg 5 nos, soda bicaonate 1 tsp, super soft flour 220g,

chocolate powder 100g, water 200g.


1) melted chocolate powder with water,

2) beat butter and sugar until fluffy,

3) add eggs one by one a time, than add in chocolate mixture

4) sift the flour and soda powder, than add in mix well.

5) pour into baking tray, bake at temperature 160c for 40-45 minutes.

Happy Baking!!!


Anonymous said...

Is chocolate powder the same as cocoa powder? Thanks

Mandy said...

Hi Anonymous,not same,the choco powder aroma is nicer than cocoa powder, thank you...enjoy your baking.


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